Dear fellow gull, a question or two for you to answer, if you care to. You're up there banking and floating in the wind. Is that for pleasure in it or do you have something else in mind, such as spotting clams from that height? Secondly, as you walk along the shore, is that just for the pleasure of walking or are you feeling with your feet for something to eat? The last question, what kind of soap do you use? We are advertising Cleano. Have you used it yet? Oh you have and you say it tastes good. That's great. May we quote you? Thank you. There will be residuals from this. That means we'll be able to pay you for your endorse- ment of our product each time it flashes on the screen. We can send it to you in cash or in clams. You prefer clams? That'll be easy enough. We'll hire your fellow gulls to dig them out for you and provide them by the bushel. Oh you don't want that. You've changed your mind. You want my bald head on which to drop your clams from a height.