Good Sam is a dealer.
Good Sam is one of the biggest dealers in the world.
Good Sam deals high quality grass and hash.
Good Sam gives away free LSD around the world.
Good Sam’s LSD is always pure.
Good Sam has golden blond hair which he wears in a ponytail.
Good Sam puts $5 on a pound and deals thousands of pounds
at a time.
When Timothy Leary talks about the Brotherhood Of
Dealers he is talking about Good Sam.
Good Sam wears jewelry.
Good Sam deals to 134 smaller dealers in New York City
Good Sam never does a deal of less than a hundred pounds.
Good Sam never touches his dope himself.
Good Sam has never been burned.
The FBI has offered 50,000 dollars to anyone who could set
Good Sam up for a bust.
Good Sam is not his real name.
Good Sam never does a deal without first consulting his
Good Sam is high.
Good Sam takes attention away from anyone he is with.
When Good Sam goes through customs, customs officials immediately pick up on Good Sam and the person holding the stash goes through unsearched.
Good Sam is international.
If Good Sam had to live in one city he would live in New
York because New York is the only twentieth century city.
Good Sam is bisexual.
Good Sam thinks the revolution will be won only after the
consciousness of the world has changed.
Good Sam thinks it is revolutionary to turn people on to
good LSD. 
Good Sam never calls LSD acid.
Good Sam likes cocaine but thinks it is bad karma to deal.
When Good Sam goes to press parties for famous rock groups
he sits at a table reserved specially for dope dealers.
Good Sam doesn’t own a car.
Good Sam says Marxism-Leninism is like an old poem.
Good Sam says there should be little difference between a
man’s politics and his life-style.
Good Sam hopes never to do in the seventies what he did
in the sixties.
Good Sam never plans to retire. Never.