We have a house. There is a roof and there are windows. I think they are square. You can see through them, that’s for sure. There is a door to go into and out of the house. It works both ways. And oh, a floor.

We left the house in a car. The car had wheels, there were four of them. And there was a door we used to go into and out of the car. Actually, there were four doors, there were four of us, too, so we each had our own door. Inside there was only room to sit down and a strap that went across your body in case there was an accident.

An accident is when something happens that is not supposed to happen and you don’t want it to but it does anyway. We did not have an accident that day. We went to a restaurant instead.

The car stayed outside the restaurant and we stayed inside the restaurant. A restaurant is a place that will cook for you. You give them money for the cooking. Or for the eating, I am unsure which.

You probably already know this, but eating is when the food goes inside your body. Later, it comes out a different door in another way. (When I said the car had four doors, I forgot number five, the little door where the gas goes in.)

So we four were in the restaurant. Some of the food was good and some of the food was bad, but it costs the same. As you eat, you have a conversation. A conversation is talking between people. One person said, I am tired of the heat, and another said, Me too. I said, I kind of like it. The last of us said, Could we talk about something other than the weather? I thought that was an interesting thing to say.

A thought is silent talking to yourself in your head. But you can still hear it. This is the number-one difference.

Homepage graphic courtesy of Lionel Allorge, Wikimedia Commons