what shape should I file my nails I wonder

follow shape of moon usually best

once I did them square

lean forward please

big mistake

in basin please

ferocious practices going on next door I hear but you know now that I think of it I’ve met

dry both hands on towel

I’ve met I wave at those people their friend parks in my driveway

left hand to soapsuds gently gently

and the light the bluish hall light did they have that before

soft for cuticle also fragrant

I don’t like puns do you I don’t like tricky language ah the massage this is my favorite part

brief massage thumbs first

but to see what they’re like I was curious I admit
lift up now lift up

people used to watch public hangings is it so different well the smell I guess the smell is one difference

first base coat forty seconds don’t move

people torture cats I’m just saying forty seconds is that forty forty seconds is a long time

spread out small fingers thank you

I’m not afraid of evil as such

base coat two

I’m not naive

topcoat now any preference

it’s when things flip around sorry what did you

Lumos Opi Bomb Revlon Extra Life any preference

I trust your judgment on things like this

Lumos then

or it’s you know that type of novel where everything starts to twist after three or four chapters like normal it’s all sliding down a slope you can’t tell who’s who or what’s what and the city is deserted at an hour when well I get nervous sometimes reading at night don’t you I feel doubt come over me

almost finish

sometimes I just want to give up the fight
you like magazines for dry