First, you must collect the unfamiliar
pieces, this dither, toward a central hub.
Do not, though, mistake pretended order
for any eventual imposition
of form : Albatros, Stuka, Fokker.
Gathering what remaining supports you
find—those whose barely molded planes suggest
horizons—along the end of the space
you've cleared away for your endeavor,
it should be readily apparent which
boundaries you will need. Small parts, recall,
do not imply lesser helpings of discontent,
though they may provoke less delicate
profanities. Can you live (you may be
imagining) with the occasional
prop, shock, spring you've left behind? Early on,
one should watch for false fits that merely seem
expedient. You will need every throttle,
each ambiguous strut, to fill the space
you've vacated for a final version.