Female flesh 
Dissolving into artichokes 
Exploding stars 
And the expanding leaves of water lilies 
At the top left hand comer of a dark screen 
A Latin American tenor 
In cameo cut out sings 
Moving round the frame 
And across a diagonal 
Series of bamboo canes 
The S.S. Brazil 
Arriving in New York Harbor 
Passengers bustle down the gangway 
Organ grinders’ monkeys crawl through 
Artificial palm trees 
At the Club New Yorker 
Across a tropical island 
Covered in yellow clad girls who whirl 
Giant bananas 
Or tum them 
Into a banana xylophone 
Carmen Miranda 
On top of a wagon 
In a hat and corsage 
Of bananas and strawberries 
Five feet high 
With a cornucopia of bananas 
Sprouting from her head 
As far as the eye can see 
A child 
Wears a metal sleeve 
Electrically illuminated 
Which dissolves into a succession of 
Metal hoops 
Glowing brilliantly 
As they wind away into 
A pitch dark screen 
Accompanied by a sumptuous and exotic 
Arrangement for strings 
In mauve leotards 
Swing the hoops 
Above their heads 
In an effect of extraordinary daring and beauty 
Others slowly revolve 
Polka dots 
Like gambling counters 
Pink green mauve white 
As the figure of 
A blue skirted girl is split 
Into four 
Again and again 
As in the splintered image of a kaleidoscope 
Amber and gold 
Snow drop and clover leaf 
The color in its wacky patterns 
Achieves something of the intensity 
Described by Huxley 
Under mescaline 
Finally the cast emerge 
From the center of the kaleidoscope 
“A Journey To A Star” 
Until the whole screen bubbles 
With tiny heads