The difference in the speed of the thought process of a man who has just snorted coke and a man who hasn’t is a very strange number which has a cosmic meaning, that is, it enters into the cosmic processes. This number is 27,000.

I was glad to find the Bar-B-Q Book sitting on my desk because sitting on the Bar-B-Q Book was another gram of coke.

Sitting in one of the cafés was a man born without a nose. That part of his face had no trace of there ever having been a nose. There weren’t even openings. The man, however, was able to smell through his ears, which he also used for snorting coke.

You never hear the expression “He holds his coke well.”

My three favorite Dylan songs: “It Ain’t Me, Coke,” “Like A Rolling Coke,” and “John Wesley Coke.”

In the field an ounce of grass costs about 50 cents and an ounce of hash about the same. By the time the grass gets here an ounce costs $10-$15 and an ounce of hash $70. An ounce of coke costs anywhere from $600-$900.

I used to think the greatest pleasure in the world would be a ride around Central Park in a carriage on a crisp night with a bottle of champagne and my best girl. Now I think the greatest pleasure would be a ride around Central Park in a carriage with a bag of coke.