an ear goes for an ironic walk it greets the increasing entropy denying however a lupin the cloud column is introduced the ear turns itself into a doric helix by means of a sound shift a logos reveals itself as a transvestite nevertheless the ear continues to listen a prefix is riveted to it an apophony calls generalities into question and evokes remote tenses whereupon a waste gas is concretized and at the same time a common dialect word deepened and heightened through double negation the simple lupin is malignant but not vengeful it confirms the ear the ear is ironic but not uninformed it confirms the increasing entropy historifying repetition of the cloud column suggests the thought without voicing it that everything is to be found in and nothing between the lines with such intensity that a waste gas floating between the lines casts doubt on the thought and simultaneously although not causally connected confirms the doric helix whereupon a couple of in fact quite insignificant stimulus words mutually disclaim one another and however through the presence of this and in contrast to the remote tense come to be thought of as present and repeatable viz generally attested to whereupon the doubly negated dialect word coagulates with its homonym to form a metaphor in which one of the two negations skeptically recants itself because the poem ends here the metaphor is very serious this seriousness transposes itself onto the whole poem the whole poem confirms a complex state of affairs and places itself positively in question