Smoking a cigarette in a classroom
a woman is copying sentences from
a book called Our American Way of Life
specifically the section called Practice
for Citizenship The others have gone
I want to be an American
citizen she writes and smiles I have
studied the American Constitution
I have a pen in my right hand
Today is a beautiful day I can
read write and speak simple English There are
many cars on the street I am working at
here is a blank to fill Red Apple
Supermarket It is raining now May
I write something else I will do my best
to be a worthy citizen I
enjoy my work She lays down the pen
rubs her eyes and turns to the section called
At Work and reads This is a factory
Many men work in this factory They
are factory workers This is an office
These women work in the office They are
office workers Everyone is smiling
She is left-handed and her back aches from
eight hours at the market stacking canned peaches