Speculations on the Subject of Barabbas

What happened to Barabbas. I ask no one knows
Released from the chain he walked out into a white street
he could turn right go straight ahead turn left
spin on his heels crow happily as a rooster
He Emperor of his own hands and head
He Governor of his own breath

I ask because in a sense I took part in the affair
Attracted by the crowd in front of Pilate’s palace I shouted
like the others Barabbas let Barabbas free
Everyone shouted if I alone had been silent
it still would have happened as it was supposed to happen

Perhaps Barabbas returned to his band
In the mountains he kills quickly robs with precision
Or he opened a pottery shop
And cleans hands soiled by crimes
in the clay of creation
He is a water carrier mule driver money lender
a ship owner—Paul sailed to the Corinthians on one of them

or—this can’t be ruled out—
became a prized spy paid by the Romans

Look and admire the stunning game of fate
for chances of power smiles of fortune.

While the Nazarene
remained alone
without an alternative
with a steep
of blood